How to help keep your home cleaner!

Have your curtains ever been cleaned?  If they have – when was the last time?

Do you or your child have asthma?  We do and we know how much dust around the home can aggravate our son’s asthma.

“Because allergens cling to soft surfaces,  it’s essential to wash,  dry-clean or vacuum drapes,  as well as vacuum sofas and chairs to remove lingering allergens,  and wash or dry-clean throw rugs.  Vertical blinds or roller shades are less likely to accumulate dust than drapes.”  (National Asthma Council Australia)

We can’t get rid off dust and allergens 100%  but we can certainly do our best to make our homes as dust and mould free as possible.  Obviously just having our curtains or blinds cleaned isn’t the only thing we can do to eliminate the dust in our homes.  There is lots of advice around about keeping the home clutter free – particularly with Marie Kondo and the  ‘Konmari’  method that is so popular at the moment!  The less clutter there is in the home the easier it is to keep clean and tidy.  Regarding dust – using damp cloths instead of feather dusters,  changing the bedding every 1-2 weeks and hoovering on a regular basis.  “It’s house dust mites which cause the problems with their droppings.  These tiny creatures live in the dust that builds up around the homes – in carpets,  bedding,  cushions and soft furnishings,  for example.  They’re invisible to the naked eye and 90% of people with asthma are sensitive to them.”  (Asthma UK)  Follow them on twitter or Facebook…..

Food for thought for those of us wanting to get our homes ready and gleaming for either the Easter break or the Springtime that we are soon to approach which definitely makes us more aware of any dust around the home.  OR maybe you are one of the many that has never had your curtains or blinds cleaned!?  After all it’s understandable since they are are generally only drawn twice per day and then maybe forgotten about.  However our curtains and blinds are really the filters for the outside world  (and indeed pollution)  coming into our homes therefore it really does make sense for them to be cleaned at least once a year as this helps to keep them as clean and dust free as possible but also helps to maintain the quality and longevity of your curtains.

Food for thought whilst having that  ‘Spring clean’  this year.  Whilst tidying, cleaning and dec littering – have a thick as to whether your house (in the words of Marie Kondo) “sparks joy”!

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